=                                                =
= This is MG Tracker (Matt Gray tracker) v0.80   =
=                                                =
= PLAYER V4.2 (C)1987 MATT GRAY                  =
= MG Tracker (C)2015 Marcin Skoczylas            =
=                                                =

What's new in v0.80

- Settings menu to set SID model and PAL/NTSC environment
- MIDI support (please restart the app to refresh MIDI ports)
- LOOP switch button to loop the pattern
- NEW SONG creates 6 patterns

Download links

MacOS, v0.80:
MG Tracker v0.80 MacOS

Windows, v0.80:
MG Tracker v0.80 Windows

Linux, v0.71:
MG Tracker v0.71 Linux (32bit & 64bit)

Source code repository:
MG Tracker at SourceForge

The MG Tracker is a music editor that utilises Matt Gray's Commodore 64 
Dominator replayer from Matt Gray C64 Reformation compo

Demo tunes:
Zak from Gaetano Chiummo

If you have any comments, ideas please contact me at slajerek@gmail.com
Graphics by Isildur/Samar                                

SID Engine used is SidPlay2 (ReSID): http://sidplay2.sourceforge.net
Copyright (C) 2001 by Simon White 
Copyright (C) 2004 Dag Lem 

e-mail: slajerek@gmail.com